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YOLO – Camping in Style!.

YOLO – Camping in Style!.

What is the point of building a super Luxurious mansion and staying stuck in it for the rest of your life!… What a sad life that would be, however, most of us live like this, saying half our lives to buy a house and staying in it for the remainder of one’s life!.

It’s time we break out of that box. Especially if God has given you the grace to have the wealth to do so. You only live life once so my motto is ‘Live it well, Live it for the memories cause when you grow old this is what will sustain you to keep going..See the World, with AIRBNB you can rent anywhere in the World for a short period. Africans aren’t used to travelling abroad for the fun of it, its Nigeria to London to Liverpool street, Harrods to Westfield, designer this, designer that. How sad will it be that at later life all we have as memories is visiting Harrods and buying a ‘red Louboutin shoes‘ or a ‘blue rolex’. Material things dont match the memory of travelling, meeting people, eating food, partying around the world. Painting the world red before you leave and leaving an indentation behind!… I say.. The earth is of the Lords so why not see it. Hence my reason for this YOLO page.

I have a list of places to visit, homes, palaces, dens, caves, igloos to stay overnight, exotic foods to taste, festivals to go, nature to admire and many, many more!.

So lets take this spiritual journey together and if you find placed you feel I should add kn to my list please let me know.

Every week I will be showcasing a place and the cost to stay for a weekend and if you feel you need company of course just gimme a Shout🤣🤣.

This week its for the ‘daring’!. I would love to go camping there with my 2 girls just for the fun of it. What say you, I’d sure like to know…

Originally posted 2019-08-19 00:32:20.