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5 reasons why you MUST invest!

So you always thought of investing in property but not enough money, not the right time or just cant handle to stress of buying with no guarantee especially when in comes to Nigeria.  What a load of crock!.

Here is Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala take: ‘ if you are not in Nigeria, you are not in Africa’.

  • French Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Jacques de Labriolle, says Nigeria remains too strategic to be ignored by any country. According to him, Nigeria is very strategic politically, diplomatically and economically. “I think that you cannot ignore Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Economy May Overtake UK, France By 2030 Price WaterhouseCoopers 

  • With the ongoing Xenophobic attack in South Africa against Nigerians, it is a gentle reminder to all Nigerians in Diaspora, that there is still no place like home.  Take United Kingdom, yes you might be born in Britain making you a British citizen by birth, let the table turn and you fall into the hands of law you will find you are no more a beloved British citizen but a ‘British born with Nigerian descent!’.
  • With the emergence of religious fanatism and the rise of racial hatred never has it been of the utmost importance that you diversify your ‘pot of gold’.
  • Nigeria has “rebased” its gross domestic product (GDP) data, which has pushed it above South Africa as the continent’s biggest economy.

Nigerian GDP now includes previously uncounted industries like telecoms, information technology, music, online sales, airlines, and film production.

GDP for 2013 totalled 80.3 trillion naira (£307.6bn: $509.9bn), the Nigerian statistics office said.

That compares with South Africa’s GDP of $370.3bn at the end of 2013.

  • With the reduction in oil price, Nigeria will be diversifying into other sectors, mainly Agriculture and Housing. “Whereas South Africa was previously the choice market in Africa for scalable operations, Nigeria now has a more attractive profile, offering scale and strong growth,” according to Deloitte..

Nigeria attracted $3.96 billion (about N780.12 billion) on real estate development in 2014

The growing interest in the Nigerian market is as a result of huge demand buoyed by increasing urban population and changing shopping culture among the expanding middle class, which has resulted in the construction of numerous shopping malls. An average of 5.7 million Nigerians are considered to spend on the average US$10 to US$20 per day. The country also has an estimated $115 billion annual consumption spend.

‘There are 10.7 million houses in Nigeria and we regard this statistics highly inadequate when compared to the size of the nation. To this end, the World Bank has estimated that it would cost as high as N59.50 trillion to bridge Nigeria’s 17 million housing deficit. This huge deficit figure may also be viewed as a vast and untapped investment potential of the country’s real estate sector’.

Lastly there is the increased confidence in the newly elected President who Nigeria is counting on to revolutionize  Nigeria’s infrastructure and minimizing corruption and mismanagement of funds, with the hopeful stability and more confidence in the government real estate will witness a surge in international investors looking to fill the massive gap, also the construction of the Lagos Atlantic city, like Dubai, it will witness a new breed of international investors from residential to commercial.




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