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Absolutely Banana’s!, Lekki Gardens offer’s YOU a piece of Banana Island. Nigeria’s most expensive and extravagant homes to the Ultra rich! video

Crazy as it may sound, Dreams do come true!. Imagine ‘Banana Island’!, According to Forbes. If you never heard about the Island, now you know.

Banana Island is Nigeria’s most extravagant and expensive neighborhood – on par with the Seventh Arrondissement in Paris, La Jolla in San Diego, California and Tokyo’s Shibuya or Roppongi neighborhoods.


When it comes to properties or developments, Lekki Gardens has managed to tick all the boxes, In quality, delivery and above all their reasonable buy prices.

Because of the bargaining power of  communal buying they have managed to penetrate into unreachable grounds, which were previously untouchable to the middle class bracket due to the exorbitant price tags.

All kudos to Lekki Gardens they have brought to our doorsteps developments which were simply wishful thinking become a reality. Here is what Lekki Gardens have to say:

UNBELIEVABLE… Lekki Gardens now in Banana Island !!!

This is yet another great opportunity to invest in REAL ESTATE.

Lekki Gardens always take your interest as paramount,

so we bring you our luxurious projects in the heart


Our Project in Banana is situated in the heart of BANANA ISLAND

while our IKOYI project is located in OSBORNE FORESHORE PHASE II


2 Bed Flat @ N45,000,000.00 (£160,715.00)

3 Bed Terrace + BQ @ N 79,500,000.00{£284,000.00)

4 BED TERRACE + BQ @ N 89,500,000.00 (£30,000.00)



2 BED FLAT @ N 29,950,000.00

3 BED TERRACE DUPLEX @ N 56,950,000.00

3 BED TERRACE + BQ @ N 64,950,000.00

4 BED TERRACE + BQ @ N 73,950,000.00

The exclusive playground of Nigeria’s obscenely wealthy, Banana Island is an artificial island built on reclaimed land in Ikoyi-Lagos. From an aerial view, the island is actually shaped like a banana, hence its name. Sitting on 1.6 million square meters, the sumptuous island is divided into about 535 plots ranging in size from 1,000 square meters and 3,000 square meters.

Banana Island is a place of unrivalled opulence and grandeur. It’s an entirely different world from other parts of the country. It’s a gated community, and its inhabitants enjoy such luxuries as underground electrical systems and water supply networks, 24 hour-electricity supply (the only other place such privileged is the Nigerian President’s residence), extremely tight security, good road layout, a central sewage system and treatment plant and the well-cherished company of fellow wealthy folks.

The island is the most expensive place in Nigeria and one of the most expensive in Africa to own a house. Property on Banana Island is dollar-denominated. The average cost of buying a three bedroom apartment is $2 million. However, if you’re just looking to hang around the island for some time, and not to buy property, you can rent the same apartment for about $150,000 per annum.

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