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The Eko Pearl Towers: A leading source of luxury living in Africa.

Eko Atlantic City is being developed mainly to manage, rebuild and protect Victoria Island’s Shoreline Coastal Erosion problems; Eko Atlantic City is a land that has been reclaimed as an asset of prosperity. It is a purpose-built, well designed city within the heart of Lagos; among well delineated businesses and residential areas with all the utilities and amenities adequately planned and provided.

The city is sure to become Nigeria’s most exclusive suburb and the future of Africa.

Eko Pearl is a 5 Tower residential project built by Eko Pearl Nig. Ltd in collaboration with ESLA International, one of the largest most reputable independent real estate developers in Lebanon, Bangladesh and Moldova.


The Eko Pearl Penthouses

Each of the 5 towers is crowned with Royal penthouses, providing an even higher and richer home experience. The towers consist of 24 to 33 residential floors with penthouses occupying the highest 6 to 8 floors. The apartments are spread over the 1st to the 18th floors featuring 4 apartments per floor. Each tower also boasts 2 apartments on the royal penthouse floors, a technical floor, a ground floor, and a basement floor.

In addition, the tower includes a private health club, meeting room, and lounge.

Each tower has its own identity and color, highlighting the slight difference in their design and outer structure, yet preserving the same state-of-the-art infrastructure and luxurious touch.

 This luxury living is situated at a land level of 22.738 sqm at the harbor front of the City.

The 5 towers are named after five of the best Pearls in the world; The Aqua, Indigo, Champagne, White and Black Pearls. They are a collection of three bedroom and Penthouse type apartments with sea & marina views for residential or investment purposes.

The potentials of investing in this project are limitless as the 1st tower has been fully sold out, sales on the 2nd and 3rd towers are currently ongoing.

Eko Pearl Towers will be the leading source of luxury living in Africa.

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