Structura CASA

Structura CASA

About Structura casa

Structuracasa International LLC was founded in 2008 by a team of US based real estate developers with combinations of skills and attributes including real estate development, real estate brokerage, business strategy, finance, home building and international business experience. This team of like minded individuals joined forces to further the democratization of housing opportunity for people in modern African societies.

Definition of STRUCTURA CASA

Derived from Latin
structura -ae f. [the act of building]; concr. [a building]; of style, [arrangement, putting together].
casa -ae house, cottage
Translated: “Structure of the House”
The core of Structuracasa’s business model is to focus primarily on constructing house shells in large mass housing development projects at a rapid pace, at an affordable cost to builder/developer clients and with a high level of quality.

This concentrated focus enables Structuracasa to deploy the most efficient technologies and production management processes towards the achievement of the joint goals of the company and its clients.

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