Sujimoto Construction Limited

Sujimoto Construction Limited

Sujimoto Construction is a subsidiary of Sujimoto Group, A Nigerian Company offering Real Estate Development, Energy and Financial Services.

The Firm’s Scope
The real estate development firm covers all areas of construction, including the pre and post phases. Our major expertise is in luxury real estate development. We have also expanded our operations into land acquisition, facility management and direct construction, catering to the discerning real estate investor who wishes to be associated only with bespoke and iconic structures. We build utilising the best quality materials for residential serviced apartments, office spaces, mass housing projects, interior decoration and design, landscaping, civil engineering consultancy, facility management integrated construction solutions and related services.

In Lagos, Accra and around Africa, the Sujimoto signature is synonymous with prestigious highbrow addresses from the world-renowned “Medici luxury terraces”, a development considered as one of the most successful and dutifully finished terrace houses in Lagos, earning Sujimoto construction accolades  in the industry, to  Accra’s “Lincoln  Avenue” and the upcoming “Lorenzo”   super luxury serviced apartment (under construction) anticipated as the number one address where luxury equates lifestyle and the Grand Melia hotel Abidjan Ivory coast (under construction) are affirmations to this prolific strides . The real estate development arm is growing to become the most dynamic luxury construction company in Nigeria today.

Our Mission
Sujimoto Construction is on a quest for excellence and dedicated to spur a change. The mission is to diligently redefine luxury living not only to satisfy our clients but to go the extra mile and delight them with high quality and glamorous edifices.

Our Methods
We have deployed progressive construction methods to ensure that innovation and quality are prioritised for the benefit of clients. Our company’s business is built on the strategy of having vertically integrated operations, which improve efficiency and timeliness of project execution. Additionally, subsidiaries support the construction’s ability to offer a complete range of construction related services.

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