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Amazing Bargain offer for 1st time investor! 4 units of 3 bedroom flats @ N25 million naira only or 2 @ N10 million!

Why buy a flat for N25 million Naira in Lagos, when you can have 4 flats for the same price in Ibadan. A cheap bargain development has just reached us. One of our prestige clients have decided to let go of one of his investments and offering us the right to sell to you our readers at a ridiculously cheap price.

Individually sold at N6million each

For convenience seller has also aid they will consider a buyer

who wants to buy only 2 flats for N10 million naira with renovation.


The flats need a bit of refurbishing hence the tenants have been given notice to vacate the premises for renovation. It is located in Apata, Ibadan very near to NNPC. The ex tenants were from from the Oil company and also the high street banks just a stone throw from the development.

This is an assured tenant development once renovated and each flat have a rental income of up to N250,000 annually. If buyer wants us to maintain the building and act as their estate agent paying rental income into their Naira or Sterling account this could be arranged. All legal documents is available for viewing

why invest in Ibadan?

Ibadan is the capital city of Oyo State and the third largest metropolitan area, by population, in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano, with a population of over 3 million Ibadan is also the largest metropolitan geographical area.

Ibadan is just 1 hour drive from Lagos and fastly becoming a sought after property and land area in Oyo state.  As well as having an Airport the infrastructure of Ibadan from road and bridge building, Oyo state government has also seen a surge in International investors seeking to tap into the natural resources of this great city, hence a plot of land can be as much as N1 million naira.

Apata is a sought after area due to the presence of NNPC and its vibrant economic contribution to the cities revenue.

for more details to view property please call ASAP

Ola +234 8137506077

Angel +44 7956 168 784

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