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Amen Estate goes ShowBiz! – R&B Artiste Faze

Have you ever wondered how the Rich live? Or just dreamt to swap your life for one day and live like a King?. I know I do that, I wonder how Queen Elizabeth’s life is, to have been born into royalty and ruled over half the whole world. What a life eh!.

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Well here is our own Royalty Buildings – Amen Estate, our favourite Redbrick home, with 24 hr Light and security, A little London in Lagos!. To those who have been pondering on buying the Luxury homes of Amen Estate in Lekki, where most expatriates reside. The British born wealthy Nigerians to the Americano’s.

Amen Estate

Recently the Famous R&B Nigerian artiste FAZE shot his latest music video called ‘Your Daughter’ on the grounds of Amen Estate and featured the Mansions ‘The Afin’ and the ‘Olori’

Anyway, enough of the talking, I leave you to do the viewing and then the calling!.

For your reservation or enquiries about Amen Estate call:

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Originally posted 2014-12-24 08:03:44.