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Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Macron all visit Nigeria in a space of 2 months!

Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Macron all visit Nigeria in a space of 2 months!

So Nigeria has now become a hot commodity, so much so, that the 3 top world power shakers (European prime ministers) came visiting Nigeria, each earing a ‘gifts’ seeking different trading partnerships which mean just one thing..Nigeria is on the right path with regards to our economic growth strategy.


Apart from being the most populated country in Africa with over 186 million, the ‘Giant of Africa‘  has invested so much change in the Nigerian business landscape with China’s bilateral relations, new govt policy on reinvesting in Agriculture, transportation and technology, Nigeria has become a hub for foreign investment.


The city of Lagos has witness immense ongoing growth, with foreign investors coming in droves to seek emerging market opportunities they can ride on.  From the billion dollar ‘Naija Dubai’ Eko Atlantic city creation, Nigeria’s International Commerce city, the Lagos free trade zone  and the all popular Lekki Free Trade Zone which has industrialists Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Mr Femi Otedola making huge investments.

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Nigeria real estate is also on the up with various investment opportunities, the Lekki axis has become a hot commodity and with all these investments, real estate prices are slowly moving uptrend. Nigeria mortgage business, Diaspora banks and Property developers various payment options has made it much easier for Nigerians in Diaspora to invest.

Never has there been a time like NOW to get yourself on the property either from a lower priced developer like Lekki Gardens to Mid range Megamound, Urban Shelter etc. to the Upper-class SuJimoto


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Originally posted 2018-09-08 01:51:53.