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Buy into Lekki Gardens DUPLEX Estate – simply called ‘The Horizon’!

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After repeatedly pounding Lekki Gardens developers for a structured detail on their DUPLEX developments after been inundated with enquiries from our previous post about Lekki Gardens . I have finally got something for you lovely people. My perseverance to get you this is because its too good an offer to miss and as they say ‘an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost’. The offer is absolutely fantastic for 1st time buyers who want to ‘tread water carefully’.  Or for 2nd homes for Nigerians in diaspora and for Lagosians who want to become landlords themselves.


I cannot stress it enough that NOW is the time to jump on the Lagos property wagon, time to climb the ladder and if you dont take a plunge now then when. Lekki prices has been unapproachable up till last year with a duplex will set you back over 80 Million naira, however now a duplex could be snapped up at pices as low as 30 Million!.

Lekki is now turning into an “Ikoyi” but with more space!.  Better to buy now than regret later especially when their is a spread payment plan on offer!.

After completing and delivering homes in Phase 1 and 2, we can ascertain that lekki gardens mean business and able to deliver to date.



Developers excerpt …..

If living close to Victoria Island is critical, beating the traffic is important; and affordable luxury is part of your plan; Then The Horizon by Lekki Gardens is your best deal.

This breathtaking development is tucked away in the serene and exclusive heart of Lekki, just 2 minutes from the Victoria Island-Lekki Toll gate. The Horizon offers a unique and tranquil environment filled with serenity, beauty and the sweet essence of the harmonious lagoon breeze.

Perfectly sited in the Upper class environs of the prestigious Nicon Town and moments away from other major projects like The Rock Cathedral, Spar, Stillwaters Gardens and Treasure Gardens; the Horizon offers the community, convenience, security, aesthetics, serenity, and affordability that’s unmatchable.

The four bedroom semi-detached house (deluxe) comes with a boy’s quarter, two bedrooms en suite and a lounge area costs N25 million. The four bedroom terrace duplex which costs N28 million has a car park, living area, kitchen with pantry and two bedroom en suite and the four bedroom semi-detached house (premium) comes with boy’s quarter, a sitting room, guest room, dinning area, lounge area costs N38million.

Luxury Duplex Property Choices

  • 2 BEDROOM DUPLEX APARTMENT @ 15.5 Million Naira
  • 3 BEDROOM DUPLEX APARTMENT @ 20 Million Naira
  • 4 BEDROOM DUPLEX APARTMENT @ 25 Million Naira
  • 4 BEDROOM DUPLEX TERRACE @ 28 Million Naira
  • 6 BEDROOM DUPLEX TERRACE @ 32 Million Naira
  • SEMI-DETACHED HOUSE (1 STOREY) @ 38 Million Naira
  • SEMI-DETACHED HOUSE (2 STOREY) @ 39.5 Million Naira
  • FULLY-DETACHED HOUSE (1 STOREY on 450 sqm) @ 48 Milliion Naira
  • FULLY-DETACHED HOUSE (1 STOREY on 600 sqm) @ 55 Million Naira
  • FULLY-DETACHED HOUSE (2 STOREY on 450 sqm) @ 53 Milliion Naira


  • Affordable 24-7 Power
  • Exceptional Waterview
  • Street Lights
  • Well-Landscaped Areas and Green recreational Areas
  • Stealth-level Security
  • Boat Services
  • Luxury Sceneries

Investment portfolio: Return on investment ROI – 170% !(based on past projects)

Flexible Payment plan offer:

  • Outright payment
  • 12 months plan
  • 24 months plan

Completion and Delivery Date:  2014

Originally posted 2014-12-29 11:08:30.