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Luxurious Homes near Redeemed Christian Church of God camp – RCCG members in diaspora go gaga!

As promised our job at MercyHomeUk is to bring you the best of what Nigeria has to offer when it comes to Land and Properties. Today we are excited about our new developer on board. ADRON HOMES the King of developing premium luxury properties in Shimawa, just behind Redemption Camp, off the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road. Having visited the development we can proudly say it’s a ‘spiritual home’ and a holiday home like no other. Being in the surroundings of the Redemption camp is also a blessing for Nigerians in diaspora who are looking to go home for a Spiritual retreat apart from that they have a Golf club for the men and swimming pool for the ladies to chillax(as my daughter will say!) and unwind. So there you are, travelling in from UK or USA for a spiritual retreat or pilgrimage has never been easy, from being behind the redemption camp, beating the traffic to get into the camp is a major plus for anyone coming from Lagos.

The luxury homes have immaculate finishing ( or shell, if you want to do your own finishing) and all you need to take in, is your clothes, bags and bible!. The development is 24 hour guarded, with CCTV, security surveillance, ensuring peace and tranquility. It also has playing ground for the kids, sports field and a shopping mall among many other fine amenities. It has a peaceful serenity ambience to it, meditating through their grounds is encouraged and the vast array of property designs is a pleaser to even the hard to please man or woman!.  From their pink cinderella bungalows to the grand duplexes and grandeur mansions. If you also want to build to your taste, they also have lands to sell, the size of their plots also is second to none.

They have also a payment plan in place for Nigerians in Diaspora, extending to 5 years if requested. Already 80% sold and 50% are permanent residents living on ground. The return on investment is also over 20% annually if you decide to rent out or use as a short term rent holiday home to Nigerians in Diaspora for people who want to stay for a couple of weeks.


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Here is the Deal!

You buy with this Summer promo, without any Interest!

Step 1. Choose a house type from the price list

Step 2: Make your 10% payment ( through mercy HomesUK an extra 1% discount!)

Step 3: your choice property is allocated to you, and before you know it, you own your own home!.


Services Include: 24 hour electricity & 24 hour armed security. 


Originally posted 2016-04-14 18:51:15.