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High rental income! Why buy property in Dubai?

This is a typical story of people in Dubai.

 rental income

  • Dubai is rapidly growing in popularity with British second home purchasers attracted by its lifestyle, cosmopolitan atmosphere and sub-tropical climate.Market Value and high rental income.
  • In recent years, prices have increased by as much as 25 per cent per annum, while remaining low by UK standards, and Dubai City has become an international property hotspot. The consequent surge in new residential developments has fuelled fears of a property bubble, but demand is still exceeding supply and is not expected to slow in the short term Value and high rental income
  • For residential, serviced hotel apartments, villas and townhouses

rental income

The Dubai Economic Outlook, Quarter 2 report for 2013. 

  • Indians captured the largest purchase deals (27 per cent),
  • followed by British (17 per cent) and
  • Pakistani (15 per cent).

Five million tourists in Dubai during first half of 2013

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Dubai Continues to show strong growth and with Spread payment opportunities. Things have never been this great to INVEST!.

Originally posted 2014-12-26 14:45:14.