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Mercy Homes UK visit’s Amen Estate in Lekki, Ibeju, Lagos

So here we are in Lagos Nigeria, we have heard a lot about Amen Estate. The developers that use red bricks for all their buildings a typical trait ofof mostondon buildings!. We had previously contacted Amen Estate showing our interest to visit their developments in Lagos.  With the mission of showcasing to all Nigerians in Diaspora.  Especially the United Kingdom and our clients in the United States, to see what exactly they are really about.

As Nigerians in Diaspora the most difficult thing encountered by most Nigerians,  living Abroad is finding a reliable source when it comes to building a retirement or investment home. There has been story after story of family swindling Nigerians Abroad, sending them other peoples property picture on the pretence that it is theirs.

Real Estate agents and fake developers promising to build the most beautiful homes with all the amenities of living abroad, from water, 24 hour electricity, tarred roads, up to date surveillance system by marketing with a fancy website using computer generated 3D pictures. They require you pay most of the money which normally runs to millions of naira by selling discounted off plan developments only for you to find out that they have been scammed. The project never gets developed, money is hard to get back and if it is with family you might end up loosing your life if care is not taken.

Hence our trip to Nigeria to see if Amen Estates is the real McCoy! .  As a Property Specialist our duty is to source out genuine deals, beneficial to both  the buyer (Nigerians in Diaspora) and developer, more of a win, win situation. Mercy Homes would only recommend to our readers properties, developers that have been checked out as being credible, with a track record of genuineness and integrity.

Mercy Homes UK visit’s Amen Estate in Lekki, Ibeju, Lagos

So with our Lagos based consultant Mr Dimeji Alabi from our Ikeja Office, we head off to Amen Estates in Ibeju Lekki, located on Eleko Beach Road in the Lekki Peninsula corridor of Lagos. The first thing that catches your eye is the vast estate on the main road of these beautiful red brick buildings built with a well laid out plan, the symmetry, the infrastructure, the overall landscape has a touch of  a western culture air to it, the estate isn’t hidden behind prison like walls, but has a transparency and surreal atmosphere for you to enjoy the ambiance of the estate even before you go through the security gates, which are heavily guarded with manpower and top of the art security system in place.

Before leaving London I had already secured an appointment to see Mrs Sade Gbadamosi, so on passing through the estate security guard, I was led into one of their beautiful grand properties called ‘The Palace’  it has 8 rooms and 7 en-suites, 1 study and 5 receptions, I mean how big can you go!. As well as this it has a 2 to 3 room self contained BQ, normally left for house helps and drivers!.



The house looked immaculate, a dream house for anyone according to their property spec this property building is

The building is of frame construction with Roman-style “crete-tile” roof. The in-fill material is Red Bricks.

The most attractive thing I found about the property is that it comes with all the interior decor needed, from

Fitted Split Unit ACs, Fridge/Freezer, Cooker, Washing Machine,

Sofas, Beds, Beddings, Coordinated Curtains, Blinds, Dining Table, Aluminium Mosquito Nets,

Burglary Proof, Rugs & Accessories like wall decors and table decors.  All installed and

commissioned by an expert interior decor consultant. So all you need to do is just come in with your clothes.!


I was also impressed with the fact that they have their own electricity power plant house, which means you have 24hr light!, they use card meters, with a central sewage system and a solar panel street-light.    Its an American or European Property estate, transported to Nigerian grounds!.

On doing the house rounds and viewing all the properties which I will try to cover individually over the coming weeks, I met Mrs Gbadamosi who unknown to me is also the co-founder of Redbrick Ltd who are the developers of Amen Estate. After our formal introduction, i remembered she wanted to know how old I was!.   Apparently I look too young, haha! .  On getting down to business Mrs Gbadamosi explained that the project came from their dream to provide luxury purpose built residential homes to cater for Nigerians in Diaspora, having themselves as a family lived in the United Kingdom for over 20 years and developed a multi-million pound property portfolio before giving it all up to fulfil their lifelong desire in Nigeria.

Thank God for people like the Gbadamosi’s, we now have property developers .  Whose main passion is to provide a place for Nigerians in Diaspora.  That will match the sort of life and tranquillity they are used to living abroad.

The best thing about this development is the spread payment plan offered to every buyer

With all this, I hope I have been able to convince you.  Amen Estate is an offer not to miss. If you are really thinking of relocating back home, either for investment or a residential home. Also an International airport is to be built not too far from the area. Which means in a couple of years these properties will skyrocket in price.

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