A-Z  UK Mortgages

  1. Residential Mortgages / First Time Buyers

Looking for a first new home?

A loan that one or more persons receive in order to buy a house or other residential property in which they will live. The loan is secured by a lien on the property; the borrowers repay it over a specified period of time. The interest on a residential mortgage is tax deductible under most circumstances.

  • First Time Buyer

As well as a stamp duty exemption on the first £300,000 on all homes worth up to £500,000 announced in November’s 2017 Budget, the Government offers a range of schemes designed to give a leg-up to the first, or next, rung of the housing ladder.

Here’s a roundup of each scheme and how it works:

Help to Buy

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2. Remortgage

If your current lender cannot provide the deal you are looking for.
We can provide you with whole of market options.

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 3. Buy-to-Lets

Are you looking to expand your real estate portfolio? Our experienced advisers will work with you to provide the highest quality of efficiency.

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4. Bridging Finance Loans

Things don’t always go so well in the purchase experience. We can help you with your short-term financial requirements.

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