Our Services

Our Services

MercyHomesUK offers a brokerage service only to our registered global clients. However, for general enquiries, we offer free ebrochure downloads for each development. To register for our service, please kindly sign and return a copy of our broker agreement form.



Our main goal:  to provide

  • To help, information and research needed to acquire their dream homes, retirement homes  or to build a risk free property portfolio with  high  rates of return based on genuine research, market analysis, property trends and due diligence in checking the authenticity of the project, real estate developers etc.
  • Those  – who wants the luxury of having a 2nd home in Europe, U.S.A, Dubai or the Caribbeans. Either as a holiday home or an Investment portfolio, Unlike Estate agents who will only provide you with a list of properties on their sell list and the fact you have to travel abroad to view one or two properties and if unlucky find nothing of interest.
  • Mercy Homes outsources properties on your behalf from every developer and estate agent in the city of of your desire. We compile a minimum of 5 -10 various property brochure for you, inclusive of the discounted price offer, terms of payment etc.
  • We view the properties on your behalf and send you professional feedbacks through Skype, emails and phone to help you in your decision making before you finally travel to view. We also help you with any legal issues, alternative finances and negotiate huge discounts if you are a cash buyer.

London Luxury Homes

  • With the Property Specialist, real estate experts and lawyers on board, with the experience of outsourcing, researching, and bargaining power. Mercy Homes UK is a Property Consultant agency who have tailor made and streamlined their service to Specifically the Nigerian market. With the aim of providing our clients with a one to one service, working within your budget and because we are not tied to any developer will be able to give you an unbiased opinion on any property from Knightsbridge to Bishops Avenue. Your wish is our Command!

Global Luxury Homes

  • Mercy Homes UK is a platform and one stop shop where all could come to research, enquire, purchase or simply read about the Property Market. Our goal is to provide genuine, authenticated reports, news and updates on the Property Market. Showcasing any new development and investigating its authenticity by visiting the site, speaking to the developers and getting bulk discounts . Mercy Homes UK is also a brokerage firm providing services to those wishing to buy Homes while still abroad.





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