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Paradise Estate Lekki offers a Rent to Buy Scheme

Terrace Paradise, 3 bedroom apartment, Rent to Buy,

Terrace Paradise Estate Lekki Rent to Buy Scheme!

Paradise Estate Lekki offers

Here is how it works…

The total cost of a 3 bed maisonette on a 12 months plan is 31.5m

As soon as you have successfully paid the 15.5m within 6 months, you take possession and pay the balance while you stay in the house.

  You can Pay easily becuase the amout is very cheap

    When you have effectively paid the 15.5m inside a half year, you collect and pay  the adjust while you remain in the house.

One of the best offer Paradise Estate Lekki offers

‘The paradise estate is here with new amazing offer for you.  Offering the new cozy apartment with great luxury future at an affordable price in your choice location with  return on investment of about 18%  in rentals and a marketable value of 30% within a short period ‘.

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Paradise Estate Lekki offers

This gives you the opportunity to grow and the value of your property holdings as the region continues to develop. Best of all,the properties are very affordable. Buying now and waiting for them to explode in value over time is the mark of professional property investing.

 Paradise Estate Lekki offers

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