UK Mortgages for Nigerians

UK Mortgages for Nigerians

For home-based Nigerians looking to invest in UK and Wales, there has never been a better time than now. Perhaps your child has been admitted to a UK University and will like to take the opportunity to buy a UK property since you are entitled to a mortgage with 20%-40% deposit. Your child can live in the house and you rent the other rooms to students or young professonals. The rent pays for the mortgage and you might even have surplus profit leftover.

Property Management

As an armchair investor, you have no need to worry about the management of your property as we have a Property Management service too. For a small fee we can also manage your property.


  • Find Tenants
  • Manage Your Property
  • Maintain Your Property
  • Keep You Legal

Mortgage offers

For Nigerians looking to invest into UK, never has there been such a time like this where easy access has been offered to Lagosians and Abuja property investors to get a on the lucrative London property.

Normally if you are not a UK resident you are unable to acquire any sort of high street mortgage to invest in London.

Good news!. In MERCY HOMEUK’s pursuit to find better ways for our clients to access the property ladder we have approached Nigerian banks based in the UK and are elated to bring you this estatic news!.

Provided the property is in United Kingdom and Wales and can afford a down payment of 40% capital. MERCYHOMESUK will be able to arrange a BUY-TO-LET mortgage on your behalf.

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Banks we partner with are:

  • Zenith Bank
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • Access Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Unlike a UK resident who is subject to 40% profit tax. MERCYHOMESUK has also negotiated with finance and legal houses to provide:
  • special vehicles to protect our clients as foreigners against paying high taxes.
  • wealth management,
  • Special Purpose Vehicles, confidentially
  • and wealth creation etc.

mortgages offered from £100,000.00 to £2.5 million pounds. From this post you can easily find what you want.. 

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