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Wow! Get your own 3 Bed ensuite Bungalow @ £25,000

So you have a dream home you have always wanted to build. You have travelled afar and saw your dream design in the USA when you went on holiday or perhaps somewhere in Europe. Now is the right time to act. Gone are the days you send money home to relatives to build and the funds are misused. Why not let MercyHomesUK help you build your dream home.

MercyHomes offers a full service package – build out construction of new design homes. Our projects are collaborations: we work with our client’s directives as to their desires with regards to style, size of home, amenities and budget. WE will propose contract quotations as to the client’s objectives, including preliminary financial planning and construction time line for completion.

As is so often the case in Nigeria when not present, the prospect of an individual attempting to direct and oversee a home construction personally, is rife with endless possibilities of failure and disappointment – not to mention the horrid reality of going over budget ( we have known of many such examples – some extreme ), and over schedule which is equally aggravating. You want to avoid all of this!

“ Doing it yourself “ is largely impossible – unless you want to park yourself 100% of the entire time ( read one full year minimum usually ), and have plenty of confidence you can assess and make all correct judgements on the construction processes and material choices. Having a “contractor” means almost nothing in itself. Everyone has a contractor naturally but monitoring their works on a daily basis is what Mercy Homes will maintain to ensure the works are done timely and correct. Being “hands on” at all times, allows us also to make changes where needed which always arise due to technical or logistics as dictated by the site or the works itself or for design enhancement concerns as the physical space is being created. With MercyHomes, the client is assured of the end result being aesthetically modified in slight ways if needed in the process, in order to enhance the end home design product.

How We Do It

1.The main difference up front: You are NOT hiring a Contractor…
With over 100 new home designs to choose from, we will certainly have a new home design that will satisfy your individual needs, and if not, our designers are specialists in custom home designs, and are able to work with you to design any conceivable size and shape of custom home you desire. Mercy Homes also have a variety of lots of land to choose from, or can build on your lot if so desired.
2.We use Only Qualified Professionals for all aspects of the works.

3.We are Hands On – We supervise on a daily basis all works at all stages of the construction from site prep to finishing elements before delivery.

4.We allow Clients to modify plans to add or subtract or in some cases exchange costs when modifying elements to their liking, providing such is done within the time line to execute the various stages of the build out.

5.Contractual Building Plans are drawn up between MercyHomes and the client that spell out in detail the various elements of the building in 5 or 6 states of completion. Each stage has relative costs designated with a time line for clients to have funds in place for each successive phase. A final portion of the entire construction contract would be paid out to MercyHomes at the end of the build out, upon the client’s complete satisfaction.

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